Don't wanna be too old for this shit! Don't wanna be too old for this shit!

Don't wanna be too old for this shit!

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Don't wanna be too old for this shit! - My age making it hard to get scholar/sponsorship to ride the BMX European League so I need support! So I decided to do this my way through Crowdfunding! Here I offer people to do perks like tattoo your name on my arm to get your face on my racing shirt or why not a traditional logo on large on my racing jersey… A Fun thing is that one person already claimed a tattoo spot on my arm so it will happen, crazy fun! Short Summary: My name is Dinny Zerge and I'm 34 years old Swedish guy that works as a graphic designer and in my free time (besides from I hanging with my lovely son, Penn 1 yrs and my girlfriend) I ride Bmx Racing and have done that for 2 1/2 year now with nice results. I have won the Swedish Cup for two years in a row and this year I become the Swedish Champion in my class, cruiser 25-34. Below you see my latest video edit from tracks around Sweden. I've been riding bikes all my life and it's a bummer I didn't start with this sport in a younger age. I love this sport and training for this 6 days a week, on bike and work out. My dream is to ride the BMX European League 2015 and try my wings outside of Sweden and see how much I can progress during the season. The first event starts in April and ends in October, here is the preliminer schedule: Round 1&2 - 4/5 April : Zolder (Belgium) Round 3&4 - 2/3 May: (France) Round 5&6 - 6/7 June: Bjerringbro (Denmark) Round 7&8 - 5/6 September: Echichens (Switserland) Round 9&10 - October: Manchester (England) Europees Kampioenschap 10-12 july: Erp (Nederland) The Problem: I'm 34 years old and there is no scholarship to apply and I haven't get any luck in my sponsorship rounds. The respons is that you have to be young and elite to get that support. I don't wanna be too old for this shit! What I Need & What You Get: The funding will go to travel, race fees, hotel and food. (I will account for my expenses and use of the support on a specific page on my blog and if theres anything left it will go to bmx kids in Gothenburg.) I have a blog were I've been writing about my progress the last two years. Here I will start a vlog, where I post video reports before races, after races and training. Races are often filmed so I will post and comment them to. Risks & Challenges The Sport is pretty aggressive and If I get hurt during the season I will use the remaining funding to help kids in Gothenburg, this will also be shown as a video report of cause! Check out the campaign and contribute or share!