Dingalow Dingalow


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The Dingalow species is not one specific breed, so like many of us in this zoo of a world, their heritage is a blend. Dingalow’s come from all parts of the world, have different shapes and sizes with different backgrounds. Although they’re many similarities, it’s very hard to see two of the same identical Dingalows, each is unique in their own way. Their descent is of a kangaroo, monkey, squirrel and raccoon. I guess you can say they were conceived by quite a foursome. Dingalows hang out on fence post and run around the woods in your backyard, their harmless to you, but one thing they can be harm to is a good BBQ. If you leave your BBQ grill too long, they will dabble in your cold ones, snack on your baby backs, mmm..mmm...baby backs, and definitely take some sauce for the road. Sneaky and quick lil’ creatures they are. Dingalows enjoy a good ol’ time with some fun country folk music. They make music spittin’ through a harmonica, slappin’ on some acoustics and swingin’ their tail across a washboard and cowbell. They’re taking BBQ’s and County Fair’s by storm across world, watch out for this elusive creature.