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Die Gruppe

We're Going to Hell for You

If you like our videos...come see us live and you'll never see the world the same way. A sketch comedy show, "Die Gruppe We're Going to Hell for You" was like a seed waiting in the groins of God himself to deliver you from all comedy mediocre and commonplace. The seed was planted in the mind of Phillip Kelly and Andrew Moore when they ran a feisty theater company in 2009, and birthed from a hellish birthy syrup was "Die Gruppe". 3 hit live shows later, melding the absurd, the disturbing and the awkward, they reached a deft tone of hilarity somewhere between satire and meaningless tripe. Mixing absurdist, existential, silly humor with strong storytelling, characters, song...dance...animals.....words...um random stuff. Bringing theatre to sketch, Die Gruppe now hopes to theatre to...no...video to theat...no...theatre... We're gonna make videos now too. To surprise you is what we want as humorists. With old and new members, we hope to continue to grow - not only in ways that make you laugh - but in ways that continue to elevate and test the many forms of comedy. Yeah, FunnyorDie - eat it.