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I hate Darwen. Darwen is evel. I love Kirk Cameron, he was the best on growing pains and totally isn't a washed-up cooky banana brain kinda scary robotic weirdo freak like everyone says he is. He also does not beat up old ladies and small children like darwen did. Darwen ate squirrels and never changed his underwear. Also I've learned from other videos like mine, if you believe in evolution it is like believing that a jar of peanut butter is gonna have a watermelon in it, and also kirk cameron and his friend Ray really know how to handle a banana, and there's nothing at all homoerotic about that except that they keep stroking the banana a lot, but I was only excited because I was learning about Creationism. Go to my website DickTooley.com to get your "Kirk Cameron Action Kit" today and hear about the 10 things that I hate about evolution!