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is hunting Reginald.

A Clip Full of Vengeance:The Life if Dick Montana Dick Montana is a loaded gun ready to fire! Often referred to as “THE LAW” Dick has been protecting freedom for thirty years as a detective. Recently while taking his first sick day ever his partner Booker died. It only took one day for Dick to find the killer’s name “Reginald X Painstone”. Sources say that Reginald is not only a master of disguise but no one has ever seen his real face. Dick has been on the hunt for 3 months when the Chief assigns him a new partner (The Rookie). When the Rookie arrives Dick takes it upon himself to teach him the real side of the law, his side. Will the two of them find Reginald? Will Rookie’s raw talent and mastery of throwing knives come in handy or will his lack of experience get people hurt? Check out the season premiere to experience this man-crunching tale of vengeance. please check out the site and I hope you enjoy the media.