Desperate Plastic Desperate Plastic

Desperate Plastic

The Hysterical Hit Comedy Mini-Series Chronicles the Hilarious adventures of the Caratsworthington Family and their Empire. They're not from Dallas, but they do have a Dynasty, they are the Caratsworthingtons, It's called the Glamorous Life, but it's really nothing more than Desperate Plastic. 1/6 scale plastic dolls comprise the cast of this Error in Spelling Production. Blaine and Chanel Caratsworthington battle for control of the family business and Morethanafarthington Manor, while their son has gone missing, or has he? And Look out, amidst the cast of Hilarious Characters, there is a Cross-Dressing Detective lurking about trying to get to the bottom of some accidental deaths that may be connected to a sexy vampire! Miami like you've never seen it! Britcom humor abounds, too, in this funniest spoof of all time. The 12" doll comedy drama series is sure to make you laugh!