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"Unrepentantly Funny!" -Comedywise "Part Pee Wee Herman, part Wolverine" -UConn "a solid, original, very funny comic" "Irish puke." - Brolik Mike Being a comedian isn't a career choice . . . . . . It's a sentence! Denis Donohue was sentenced to a life of comedy when he was 6 years old. If it's a night at a comedy club, you're going to want Denis Donohue there. Denis hits the ground running, pulls no punches, doesn't sugarcoat, and is virtually cliche-free. Whether he's talking about being a young, daring male, living, partying, and carousing with women in NYC or being a young, daring male, living, partying, and carousing with women in NYC, you can be sure you will get the truth. When Denis brings his ongoing study of human & animal behavior to the stage, there's only one thing his audience can count on . . . it won't be censored. A club favorite around NYC, & now internationally, he believes stand-up comedy is best when it is viewed live . . . in person . . . with lots of drinks. At 31, Denis Donohue is already an eleven year veteran of comedy. He got his education on the stages of New York City's hottest comedy clubs and used the lessons he's learned from Chappelle's Show Paul Mooney, and Emmy award winning writer of The Conan O'Brien Show, Brian Kiley, to solidify his already hilarious outlook on life. After winning The Connecticut Comedy Festival, Denis took his act on the road. Since then he's appeared in more than 41 states, over 100 colleges, 4 countries, and was recently named by the New York Underground Comedy Festival One of the funniest comedians under 30. His debut cd Unholy War has been called "Unrepentantly Funny" by Comedywise and can be found on internet music sites such as, and in the comedy section of your local music store.