Important Things with Demetri Martin Important Things with Demetri Martin

Important Things with Demetri Martin

needs to clean his apartment and thank Jon Stewart.

"Important Things with Demetri Martin" is a stream-of-consciousness sketch and variety show from comedian Demetri Martin. Each episode focuses single topic through the prism of Demetri's unique point of view, whether it's apples or the afterlife. "I'm very excited to be at Comedy Central and looking forward to making one of the top shows of all time - ever," he says. "Also, I need to clean my apartment and thank Jon Stewart." Voted one of the "25 Funniest People in America" by Entertainment Weekly, Martin left NYU Law School to pursue his career as a writer/comedian/artist/musician. He's toured across the U.S. and abroad, most recently in support of his first stand-up CD/DVD "These Are Jokes," which was released via Comedy Central RecordsĀ® in 2006. His "Trendspotting with Demetri Martin" has been a featured segment on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" since December 2005. He has also performed and written for "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Demetri's first one-hour stand-up special "Demetri Martin. Person." premiered in January 2007. He appears in the upcoming feature films, "The Rocker" for Fox Atomic and Universal's "Kids In America." He's also writing "Will" for Dreamworks and working with James Bobin on the script for "Moon People.