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Producer Del Santo

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Del Santo, began his career as a DJ and producer with 17 years of age. After passing the Psy Trance - Full On Dark / morning and at Electro House, he is focused on the Progressive House. Mixing and producing great music, he hopes to bring a bit of style for the prog house. The interest in electronic music came when del saint began to hear the musical style. He wondered, how they do this kind of music? And so began researching the subject, until he began producing as well. Then he began to dabble in mixing, which was then decided to start acting as a DJ too. Unlike many music producers, Del Santo has not gone through any kind of teaching. All he knows only to learn, your willpower and your passion for music. "I have not had any teaching. Although I learned everything I know, alone. Still want to do classes, musical production. Knowledge is always welcome." Del Santo also plays guitar, acoustic guitar, Bass and Guitar.