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A part-time, non-SAG, under fives actor. I mostly work with cue-cards, have lines read to me, or improv script stuff...I love acting, but I'm too shy for the stage. I'm in several unknown short films (see Imdb) and veteran of 2-3 cable television shows seen in Rochester, NY. I co-wrote songs with garage bands most notably "McFadden's Parachute" (see Reverbnation). The "Del Rivers Show" is the newest internet show; as I still write short scripts for "Frontal Lobe & Dumplings" show. Currently, at age 54, I'm nearly broke and I suffer from neuropathy. Hope to become recognized for something before I kick the bucket. Enjoy Astro-Archaeology and UFO's. Still single, by the way. One of my best friends, Ken Wheaton, writes for The Simpsons & Popeye comics. My co-host Mark Elliott is also an actor/comedian. I worked mostly with film director Frank Stamm. Lastly, my sister Bonnie Miguel, makes national commercials with Jay Advertising. This channel will feature both "Del Rivers Show" and clips from "Frontal Lobe And Dumplings".

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