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Del Rivers

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Del Rivers Del Rivers

A part-time, non-SAG, under fives actor. I mostly work with cue-cards, have lines read to me, or improv script stuff...I love acting, but I'm too shy for the stage. I'm in several unknown short films (see Imdb) and veteran of 2-3 cable television shows seen in Rochester, NY. I co-wrote songs with garage bands most notably "McFadden's Parachute" (see Reverbnation). The "Del Rivers Show" is the newest internet show; as I still write short scripts for "Frontal Lobe & Dumplings" show. Currently, at age 53, I'm nearly broke and I suffer from a nerve illness. Hope to become recognized for something before I kick the bucket. Enjoy Astro-Archaeology and UFO's. Still single, by the way. One of my best friends, Ken Wheaton, writes for The Simpsons & Popeye comics. My co-host Mark Elliott is also an actor/comedian. I worked mostly with film director Frank Stamm. Lastly, my sister Bonnie Miguel, makes national commercials with Jay Advertising.

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