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Dee Ramsey is a professional Stand-Up Comedian with over 12 years of experience on stage and in front of the camera. Dee's career as a stand-up comedian has taken her all over America sharing her bawdy brand of hilarity. Described as a raw teller of truths, Dee Ramsey utilizing her sassy wit to shine light on the darker and funnier side of life as a woman, wife and mother. Dee Ramsey is a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps where she served during peace time in the 80s. She has held many jobs as waitress, loan officer, and sub teachers' aid for special needs children. She is currently the mother of two teenagers as well as a moderately happy wife of over 15 years. Aside from touring telling jokes and acting, Dee Ramsey takes time to speak passionately yet effectively to high risk youth throughout the United States. As a former foster child, Dee relates to these troubled youth by speaking their language and at the same time inspring them to reach for greater hights in all areas of their lives. Dee Ramsey believes if she can make it out of poverty, ignorance and fear; anyone can. Dee's' smile and positive energy are infectious!! She simply is a Ray of Comedic Sunshine showering her audiences with sometimes tough but always hilarious love. queer definition queer (kwir) adjective differing from what is usual or ordinary; odd; singular; strange. Lover & Liver of Life. One with all, at peace with self, funny as hell. Yep, That's Me. I'm just 'Dee' . .