Deathtone Deathtone


My names Elmo (its a family name) a.k.a Bubba I work night shift at a grocery store. I'm saving up money so I can have a down payment on a house. $10,000 should do...i just need to stop buying games and dvd's as it would speed me up. I been single my whole life. Which i believe its going to stay that way, cause I'm not a people person. I find it hard to get a conversation with the opt. sex. I just don't know what to say. I'm not fond on labels(goth, prep, ect). I really don't talk to much. My hobbies are poetry, and art. more on poetry these days. My collection hobbies include books, movies, comics, and cards(mtg). All genre of music is good to me as long as its done right. (no songs about shoes, drugs, honky tonk, or being thuggish, there annoying) I don't drink or smoke. So bars don't interest me.