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New video" It's DEATHLEXIC (aka: why we suck) on reverb nation,sorry its stupid

I was the songwtiter and vocalst for the band DEATH-LEXIA,se a dislexic writer and a c.mundell a death metal guitarst hence "DEATH-LEXIA" was born 1995and played till aprox.2003 we were the kind of metal stoner band Jack black might paride we were so bad its funny but i owned the name DEATH-LEXIA so all music i make is still DeathLexic,being deathlexic is nothing more than understanding the crule ironys of life and death,and being able to laugh at it all.sic humor that kinda phycotic poetry we all see in in this sick twisted world we live in like a b- rated slasher flick from the early 80' bad its funny,thats about how our music was too,im now rebuilding deathlexia archives for free music and videos,along with new solo projects, bacicaly unemployed,who wants to publish or edit a dislexic writer,do have a few scripts n movie ideas working but who no filmaker,im just deatlexic.i dont even know if thats funny it just is what it is...

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