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is working furiously on our hip hop version of Oliver

Death By Improv is a central NJ improv comedy troupe. What’s that mean? It means we make up everything you see right on the spot, based on suggestions from you, the lovely audience. We mainly play short form games, each inspired by at least one new audience suggestion. These games are similar to those seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway. We sometimes also dabble in long-form, which as the name suggests, is a longer format, in which we base a series of connected scenes on a single suggestion. Death By Improv has taken the act on the road a few times, having been selected to perform at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (2011), Richmond Improv Festival (2008 and 2009) and at the Gainesville Improv Festival (2009 and 2010). Currently DBI performs once a month at the Main St. Theater at Garden Friends, in Parlin, NJ, as well as once a month at Anthony’s Bar and Grill in South Amboy, NJ. In the past, and possibly in the future again, DBI has played at J. O’Neill’s Place in Sayreville, NJ, and at Edison Valley Playhouse in Edison, NJ. DBI is Michelle Baker, Matt Beckhusen, Steve Bisaha, Chris Brown, Ron Heaney, Michael Hochman, Eric Lipton, Jimmy Morrison, Bryan "Nugget" Murray, Mick Murtha, Tim Norek, Rachel Towlen, and Josh Yepez. For more rich, creamery DBI goodness, check out