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Writing,Reading,Gaming,Movies,Mountain Dew,Giving Free Moustache Rides (No Uggos or Fatties.)Sushi, ^_^,Demonology,Anime,Myself,Disrupting the SpaceTime Continuem,You,Maybe Even You!,But Not You! ewwww your gross!,Naked Girls who ride Unicorns,Kicking ass,taking names,Giving back said names,apologizing,the difference between a ho-down and a hootinanny,why you stink so bad,gogurt,halloween/ Pulp Fiction,The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy,Old Boy,Battle Royale,Gangs Of New York,House Of A Thousand Corpses,Ed Wood,The Devils Rejects,Donnie Darko,Audition,Dark Water (Japanese Version),Star Wars saga,Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2,A Clockwork Orange,Anchorman,Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original),Kung Pow Enter The Fist,American Beauty,The Goonies, Simon Birch,The Wall,Ichi the Killer,Final Fantasy VII Advent Children,the first Matrix movie,Reseviour Dogs,Hostel,Saw 1 & 2,Superman 1 & 2,Superman Returns,Spiderman 1 & 2,X-Men 1 & 2,Akira,Princess Mononoke,A Wind Called Amnesia,Ghost in the Shell,Samurai X Reflectiion,Blood the Last Vampire, Vampire Hunter D,Basilisk,The Wizard of OZ and Many other Great Movies./ Pink Floyd,Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise,A.F.I,John Lennon,Cat Power,Rilo Kiley,The Ramones,Evanescence,Lacuna Coil,Eyes Set To Kill,Aerosmith,Johnny Cash,The Donnas,Classic Metallica.Coldplay,The Cure,Terry Reid,The Killers,GreenDay,Coheed and Cambria,MCR,Avenged Seven Fold, Guns N Roses,AC/DC,Bob Seger,The Beatles,Tom Petty,Mazzy Star,Social Distortion,Van Halen (Roth era),The Pretenders,Neil Young,Bob Dylan,David Bowie,Queen,The Strokes,Lamb Of God,Slip Knot,Type O Negative,White Zombie, Bob Marley,The Eagles,Santana,& many other groups & performers./ Cops,The Whitest Kids U Know,Avatar,Bleach,Blood Plus,Realtime With Bill Maher,Ninja Warrior,The Broken,SmallVille,Buffy The Vampire Slayer,Angel,Lost,Heroes,Family Guy,Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Full Metal Alchemest,Witch Hunter Robin,Tom Goes To The Mayor,Morel Orel,Atack Of The Show,X-Play,Gilmore Girls,Super Natural,the Grimm Adventures Of Billy and Mandy,Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex,The Cosby Show,Criss AngelMind Freak,Robot Chicken,Ninja Warrior,Charmed,Saved By the Bell,Fairly Odd Parents,Rome,almost anything on the Science or History channels,Drake and Josh, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?,Invader Zim,Goose Bumps,Macabre Theater,Kung-Fu,Chips,Da Ali G Show,Chappel's Show./ The Aeneid by Virgil,The Devine Comedy by Dante,Dylan Thomas Poems,John Keats Poems,The Screwtape Letters,The Lord Of The Rings,From Where The Sun Now Stands,Odd Thomas,The Dark Tower series,The Harry Potter Series,Goose Bumps,The Holy Bibble,Dreams by C.G Jung,various books about Nostradamus,Almost anything about the Occult,Anything by Alexander Pope,The Book Of Counted Sorrows,Comics & Manga I may also be reached at, AIM=tonymon26,, Yahoo