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Dave Conklin Dave Conklin

I'm an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant, SEO, and Internet Marketer. I am truly passionate about internet marketing. By combining my past experiences in sales, internet marketing and real estate, I was able to start a real estate marketing company, GetMyHomesValue.com (http//www.getmyhomesvalue.com) with my partners Rory Wilfong and Steve Young. Since it's founding in 2004 we have taken the company (with no start up capital) to employ more than 50 people and generate more than 3 million dollars in revenue annually. My focus there is the marketing end of the business, generating leads our customers. We are currently focused on building the company into a 20 million dollar firm and have made many recent executive level hires from all over the country to do so. In Q4 of 2007, we also founded a company, ProspectMX (http//www.prospectmx.com). This firm focuses on helping companies in many industries to generate revenue through internet marketing channels. We are looking forward to growing ProspectMX into a huge player in the internet marketing industry in the upcoming years. Interests Business Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Lead Aquisition, Lead Generation (PPA), Speaking Personal Photography, spending time with my family, all things "internet".