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Dana Boulé is a classically trained pianist, singer-songwriter and accordionist from Brooklyn, New York whose roots lie in experimental theatre and punk rock. She began her performing career infuriating piano teachers at age three. After graduating from UCLA with a major in theatre, she turned to the world of experimental theatre, traveling and performing extensively around the world with Kadmus Theatre Company as a lead actor and musical director. Looking to expand her musical career, she moved to New York where she embraced the local punk scene as front-woman for the bands Stupid and The Sobs with whom she embarked on a successful career touring and scoring music for various television, film and theatre projects (i.e. MTV Networks productions, Oscar nominated film Jimmy Neutron and indie films such as award winning Devils Are Dreaming). After the split of Stupid and The Sobs, she perfected the art of getting thrown out of clubs and repeatedly breaking her keyboard with cult favorite performance art/punk band Dirty Magazine. Having broken enough hearts and musical equipment, she went back to her roots in classical music and storytelling to embark on her first solo record, Going, Gone. In the middle of recording the lush and heavy sounds of Going, Gone, Dana got bored and on a lark wrote the electropop song French Boy in 20 minutes. She decided to fulfill her secret unrealized dream of becoming a huge dance pop smash worldwide sensation by releasing it as a single. A 60s inspired dance video was produced. Dana recently relocated to Paris, France where she continues to score feature films, influence an entire country and drink a lot of wine.