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Damon Zwicker

Haters Hate, I create, don't hate as I create. Go throw feces at each other.

Damon Zwicker Summary Skilled Creative Producer/Director with over 15 years experience producing television broadcast programs. Credits Director, Style Network, Dress My Nest (Entire Season 3 & 4) - Directed on-air talent, oversaw story, and managed crews. Director, Discovery Channel, Smash Lab (Season 1) - Directed on-air talent, oversaw story, and managed crews. - Episodes High Rise Escape, Runaway Trailer, CO2 Cop Car Producer, USA NETWORK, Nashville Star (Entire Season 3 & 4) - Produced show from beginning to completion. - Produced all reality, oversaw story department, oversaw edit bays. - Produced nationwide casting call in 20 cities. - Managed and negotiated contracts, crews, and cast. - Produced and oversaw budgets and schedules. Challenge Producer, NBC, Meet Mister Mom (Entire Season 1) - Produced multi-family activity challenges. - Directed multi-camera crew. Coordinating Producer, NBC, $25 Million Dollar Hoax” (Entire Season 1) - Produced all show content. - Managed/oversaw contracts, crews and cast. Field Producer, ABC, Wallet Roulette” (Pilot) - Managed and oversaw cast and crew. Producer, VH-1, The