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Dain Fagerholm


Dain Fagerholm
Dain Fagerholm Dain Fagerholm

What is it about you, DAiN (if that really is your name) that makes you, as you say, AWESOME? Thanks very much for your question. Hey I'm just a guy you know? I walk dogs. I like to draw. Whatever. BUT I AM AWESOME TOO!!>>> CHECK IT YO....8))*)*)*)**8)*)***)*88)) THOUSANDS OF WEED SMOKIN PEEPLEZ VOTED MY 3D GIF$$$$$ THE MOST MESMERISING GI$$ of 2014 http//www.reddit.com/r/woahdude/comments/15llnl/results_are_in_best_of_woahdude_2012_awards/ IN FRANCE I AM REGARDED AS AN ARTISTIC GENIUS CHECK IT YO http//www.ecrans.fr/stereo-graphismes,14311.html AND TONS MORE OF FACTS WHICH DEMONSTRATE MY MAD NINJA SKILLZ> http//www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/28/dain-fagerholms-hand-draw_n_1385488.html http//www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/10/view/19932/hand-drawn-animated-gifs-by-dain-fagerholm.html http//drryo.com/2012/05/31/the-amazing-%E2%80%98stereographic-drawings%E2%80%99-of-seattle-artist-dain-fagerholm/ http//www.dailydot.com/entertainment/morning-gif-dain-fagerholm-blue-girl-interview/ http//www.visualnews.com/2012/03/19/endearing-monster-drawings-pop-from-the-screen/ http//theartcake.com/interview-with-artist-dain-fagerholm/ Regards, DAiN8) Last updated Wednesday Mar 13, 744pm PDT