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Citizen Schwartz

Satire's Bleeding Edge

BJ Schwartz, aka “The Citizen,” is a Stanford-trained attorney who forsook his legal career in Manhattan to write and make movies in beautiful, soul-crushing Los Angeles. His first short film, “Wolves in the Woods,” was a substantial critical success — playing at dozens of the nation’s top festivals and garnering him praise and awards along the way. The film business, however, has it’s downtimes, and it is in these that BJ harkens back to his college days doing improv comedy in Chicago and updates his political satire blog “Citizen Schwartz.” Sometimes he even gets earnest for a few minutes and writes a serious op-ed under the banner of “The Serious Citizen.” Contact The Citizen by email at: Follow @citizenschwartz and @bjschwartz on Twitter To Follow The Citizen on Facebook: