Caitlin Caitlin


Caitlin is a comedian and sketch teacher at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. Her previous television and web credits include The Pretty Good Sports Show (ESPN), The Edge with Jake Sasseville (nationally syndicated), The Spill (, Apartment Red (RTE), The Leader (ESPN) and Dot Diva (PBS). Caitlin wrote the sketch show How Rude Tim & D'Arcy Find the 90s and the one-act play Waiting for Obama A Night at the Hall of Presidents, in which animatronic presidents come alive to discuss Civil Rights and the Lion King (you know, like they do in real life). The latter was also performed at UCB Los Angeles and the San Francisco SketchFest, was featured on Sirius XM Raw Dog Comedy and a selection in the Strawberry One-Act Festival. She directed the sketch shows This Is About Smith, Sing Out, Louise! and Citizen Rothstein. Caitlin has served as writer and director of the Maude team "Stone Cold Fox" and wrote for the weekend sketch show Beneath Gristedes. She currently writes for the Beta team "Diamonds, Wow!" Her web series Vag Magazine can be seen at Much like Vivica A. Fox, Caitlin is from Indiana. Check out!