Courtney Courtney


is Wang Dang Sweet Poontang!

I'm also known as Coco or Cat... I'm moving to New York ASAP. I was Born and Raised in Texas.. I Love it here, but I'm in need of a change. I'm trying to get all of the paper work together to start BMCC, and I'd like to transfer into NYU Gallatin. I want to Major in Journalism with a minor in Writing. My dream job would be something in Journalism (kind of like Anderson Cooper) I'd love to travel to all of these places and show what's really happening all over the world. or for a more "light-hearted" dream job would be to write for Entertainment TV (SNL would be my first pick over all jobs), a magazine, or even a Newspaper. and I've found so many amazing writing courses at NYU. It's hard for me to pick a set goal. because I find such excitement in both. I write a lot of poetry & lyrics. I recently started writing a book. (out of boredom..) I love Music, Guitars, Drums. I love Editing Music and Editing Film, Recording Arts & Entertainment Business. I love the idea of working "Behind the Scenes". Also, I do a lot of Web Design, I've done a couple websites for singers, and bands (that are friends of mine). I Also enjoy cooking. I could spend all day in the kitchen. Anyway, In 2004, I became a Vegetarian. The more Educated I became, the less I ate Animal Products. The way animals are treated just sickens me. BUT... I would like to say, I'm not one of those people that will hate you just because you are a Carnivore! (Sorry to all my Veg Amigos, But I'm just not!) I don't feel the need to push what I believe off on someone else, I do what I think is best for ME! and that's it. I am a member of Both PETA 2 (targeted to Teens & Young Adults) & PETA. Well, I think that's about it for my boring life!!