Country Blazin Country Blazin

Country Blazin

Crazy, Bold, and Buck-wild!

"Country Blazin" was written by Teo Weldon and Nate Weldon in 2015 and 2016 as a feature film comedy. One day while fishing with his brother Nate Weldon (Rovvy) and their friend Shannon Williams (Cooper), Teo decided that this movie was meant to be, and what it needed was a Kickstarter Promo Reel Trailer. Nate threw down and bought a stellar vintage Imperial car for the anti-hero protagonist Cooper to devastate the countryside in as he chases down his nemesis 'The Sarge' (a myth-worthy monster of a fish). Teo gathered his prime lenses, Shannon bought some worms, and they all got to work. The following months were spent envisioning and filming what started out as a trailer, but what has turned out to be a Sizzle Reel for the full-length film. Creating memorable supporting characters such as Rovvy the Rapper and Fish & Game warden Dennis McSchlufferson sent this project above and beyond a typical trailer. It also foreshadows how the full-length movie will go above and beyond the average comedy. Much of the movie has been filmed already, enabling an elaborate four-minute promo-trailer to be made. Some of the scenes (such as the intro scene and catfish scene) are viewable on the Majestic Tiger Productions Youtube channel. But the time necessary to edit what has already been filmed, and to complete the filming schedule and post-production is in need of financing. There is much needed equipment, wages for actors and crew, dvd printing costs, film festivals, etc. Teo Weldon's experience with cinematography cut to good music......Nate Weldon's passion for bringing bold concepts to life.......Shannon William's earth-moving facial expressions.......all combined with a story which will make you laugh, cry, yell, cringe, and let your spirit soar......will make this one of the best comedies of the day. This Kickstarter Campaign allows supporters like you to become co-producers in this great story! Thanks to the following actors!!! Shannon Williams (Cooper), Lexi Boeger (Dream Girl), Tehuti (guardian angel), Nate Weldon (Rovvy), Ed-a-Monte (Kawasaki), Ali Ala'ilima (Sir Rips-a-Lot), Teo Weldon (Fish & Game Warden). Thanks to Demi Farantos for her background art for the Country Blazin poster!