"CORNBREAD ©" McBrayer "CORNBREAD ©" McBrayer

"CORNBREAD ©" McBrayer

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I've been on stage and the screen for years playing everything from an Egg 1st role (Humpty Dumpty in Pre-K),2nd role Mister F a Red Sock ( Performed a song and dance the letter F Funny Feet from the letter people) To A smooth talking detective. I've performed as John Goodman and The Godfather, performed many fat guy roles. I've been in movies and commercials, most of which you have never seen. My earliest video's have been shown on America's Funniest Video's way back in the 90's I NEVER WON!, Just my videos even being broadcast on that show proves how desperate America is for humor. I've also been on the stand-up stage all around the country. If Dave McBrayer is elected president he will then hold the office of President. These are facts. And Dave's opponents will try to obscure this fact but it is undeniable." mckay