Corey Johnson Corey Johnson

Corey Johnson

Corey is an actor, writer, and person living in New York City. He performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on the Maude team, Onassis, and was seen rapping without a shirt in 2pac: The Musical! which ran at the theater for 6 months. He was an original member of the Maude Team, Slow Burn and can also be seen (usually with a shirt) performing with his improv team, Loretta! Corey worked as a contributing writer for The Onion News Network, and has a BFA in acting from Central CT State University. Outside of the comedy world, Corey is a member of the NYC theater collective, Superhero Club House, and is a teaching artist with Queens Theater in the Park. He lives with his wonderful roommates and a cat named Bear in Astoria, the glorious land where Sabra hummus is made.