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Is this really a laugh or death situation?

Born on August 2, 1991 in McComb, Mississippi. Lives in Laurel, Mississippi. With his mischievous grin and a passionate attitude, Corbin McDavitt has witted his way into the hearts –and funny bones– of Hattiesburg locale for the past two years. After his second performance, he made the cover of one of the largest magazine’s in the Pine Belt Area- Hattiesburg American’s Weekend Hub. Shortly thereafter, he began receiving phone calls from different Hattiesburg venues yearning for a hysterical “McDavitt” performance. His rep spread like wildfire, and the requests continue pouring in by the dozens. His act has attracted crowds by the hundreds- drawing in more than 400 people to one of his shows. With comedic inspirations such as Steve Harvey, Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, Woody Allen and Patton Oswalt, his performances are oftentimes vulgar, and he keeps an adult audience in mind. Never the less his act is hip, fresh, intelligent, clever and inspiring, but it doesn’t stop there.