Confetti and Breadcrumb Confetti and Breadcrumb

Confetti and Breadcrumb

Juggling walnuts

Interests: cake, zimas, large sofas, wearing different size shoes, living in environments under harsh conditions, rapping for hugs, finding new ways to get arrested, sponge painting, running random objects through a microwave cycle, Dance Dance Revolution, imaginary friends Going to the supermarket to buy fresh fruits, braiding hair, finger painting, building tree forts, playing laser tag, looking at photos of John Stamos, shooting bb guns, roller blading, jump rope, blowing bubbles, and telling hot girls that we're related to Macgyver Favorite Activities Topless rollerblading, eating snow cones, rolling down hills, reading Source Magazine, Rapping, watching lifetime original movies, hitchhiking, Spearfishing, snow shoe triathalons, eating star fruit, chugging apple juice, sharpening pencils, hanging upside down for extended periods of time.