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The Rawest Sketch Comedy Show

Must Be 18 yrs or older to view Destany Ent. Presents ComSkiDeo Tv {Comedy Skits on Video} Dear friends Founder/CEO/Director/Writer/Editor of Destany Ent. Marcus Thompson has creatively combined a comedy skits on video show entitled ComSkiDeo TV. ComSkiDeo TV will be a new generation for urban variety/comedy shows all alike. With such characters as Big Baby - (a gangsta thug who goes around intimidating folks and taking money or anything valuable from the local crew and even the kids, he also wears a pamper and sips alcohol from a bottle. Nobody can tell him shit). Ol' Unk - (an old school cat whose always pissed off about something, especially young hip hop brothers, as he wages war with the System, 50 cent, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nathaniel Webster, and even the camera-man. Ol' Unk is guaranteed to make some noise about something). Dope-Feen O.C. - (a crack-head itchin' for a fixin'). The Robber "Sly Jones" - (a sneaky, conniving thief who finds his way into peoples cribs and cars). And these are just a few. There is so much more in store to "Cure the Bore". So get ready for the rawest sketch comedy troupe ever ComSkiDeo TV. DON'T FORGET TO TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US!!!!!! Rate/subscribe/comment to ComSkiDeo Tv as well. ComSkiDeo Tv is also on DVD for more info contact us All rights reserved. ComSkiDeo Tv [The Skitcom] ONLY AT Thank you for taking the time to read this and for coming to our site. -Destany Ent.