Comedian Dave Burleigh Comedian Dave Burleigh

Comedian Dave Burleigh

Comedian Dave Burleigh as "Mr. President" Donald J. Trump

Comedian / Impressionist Dave Burleigh's star is on the rise, AGAIN! A quarter finalist in Season 7 of America's Got Talent and First Runner Up in The International San Francisco Comedy Competition, Burleigh knows a few things about competing / campaigning for the top prize. Dave recently embraced a new challenge to develop the most popular President Donald J. Trump character portrayal in the world. Veteran producer and manager - Randy Nolen and Burleigh have teamed up to create an "above the belt," hilarious, one hour show - all about “The Donald." Featuring full prosthetic makeup designed by Academy Award winning makeup artist - Kevin Haney, every appearance is amazingly accurate. But perhaps most important, Burleigh and his talented writers have found a clever way not to step on any toes - on either side of the political aisle. The material is not only fresh and smart, but respectful of the Office of the 45th President of the United States. For more info please visit