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Does anyone else think Spaghettios look like baby anuses?

Color Me Funny, they’ve been called “The Beatles, plus the two dudes from Wham” of the Baltimore comedy scene. A comedy group that runs the heck out of three comedy rooms, writes and produces their own web shorts, and most importantly look goods in a tank top. Color Me Funny in a word. . . powerhouse. Color Me Funny consists of six grown ass men working together to spread the word of Lieutenant General in Arms President Brandon “Obama” Lescure. What Brandon refers to as his “army of minions” is comprised of Private First Class Mike “The Body” Turpin, The Professor of Love Joe Greenway, professional astronaut and TANG drinker Thezz Grimes, rehabilitated sex offender Matt “Magic Fingers” Mahaffey MD, and jazz tap instructor extraordinaire Justin “Eggplant Areola’s” Hancock. This group of young men, and one hermaphrodite (I’m not telling who) thoroughly enjoy running their own comedy rooms, as well as writing, producing, and starring in their own web shorts. They don’t just like what they do, they like-like what they do. It’s a passion, with benefits. Oh, yeah – they all also happen to be stand-up comedians! What are the odds right? In fact that’s how they all became friends. Actually, not so much friends as much as mortal frenemies. The gang all started doing stand-up around the same time, well except for Thezz who started in the year 1842 because he is a vampire, and we all know vampires tell great abortion jokes. The group bonded through road trips to comedy shows, and by taking turns giving Brandon tug jobs next to the dumpster behind Magoobys Joke House. As time progressed, the guys grew closer. The touches lingered longer, the gazes pierced deeper, the kisses got. . . sorry got a little carried away there. Um…where was I? By running FOUR of Baltimore’s best comedy showcases, Color Me Funny has continued to gain traction in the area’s comedy scene. If you’re looking to stalk the CMF guys, it’s pretty damn easy! They’re at Sean Bolan’s Irish Pub two Tuesdays a month, Dark Horse Saloon two Wednesdays a month, Delia Foley’s Pub one Thursday a month, and they’ve just inked a deal to host Drink Til We’re Funny at Hightopps Back Stage Grille every Sunday. Color Me Funny gets ahead by booking rooms that comics keep coming back, and by pushing themselves to produce as much hilarious web short content as possible. All while trying to further their own stand-up careers, and by careers I mean telling dick and fart jokes to groups of appalled strangers. If you had to pick out Color Me Funny’s biggest flaw, it would be that they work too hard - well, that and their complexions. Use an exfoliator for once in your life for christ sake. Keep an eye out for Color Me Funny, because they are sure to make a name for themselves in the future. Also, keep an eye out of them because they’ve been known to murder a person or two.