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warning: this may suffocate

I've been doing stand-up comedy since October 2009. For me, stand-up comedy is not just about learning to be funny to other people, but learning to authentically funny and shameless. That's why I post every video recording I can get, whether it's terrible or good. I like the idea of being famous one day and fans being able to look back at a true record of the progression from comedy amateur to comedy professional. I've performed at Lazy Susans @ Brisbane Hotel Laugh Resort @ Brass Monkey Comedy Lounge @ Charles Hotel Werzels @ The Paddington Hotel Chuckles @ Elephant & Wheelbarrow Northbridge Piazza If you like my show, please share the link with any friends you think would like it. If you want to see me live, there's a list of my show dates at my personal website above and the entrance fees are cheap and support the venues, not me. Thanks for watching, and I hope I make you laugh soon! (PS My highest achievement so far has been

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