cockvane cockvane


An animated comedy series....NOT an actual food brand.

Hello FunnyOrDiers, I'm a mere indie animator from the UK trying to make an animated series! There will be an American aspect to it later on, so please contact me if you are an American voice actor/comedy writer who fancies getting involved with an indie animated series. Well, here is the synopsisisis The near future. Over-population and changing climates ALMOST result in global starvation and other crap. Luckily, and perhaps suspiciously, a shady genetically modified food corporation, 'Cockvane Fine Foods' (pronounced 'Co-vane'[!?]), just-so-happens to already have the solution high-tech GM plants and animals able to thrive in a screwed environment where other brands fail --and factories to process them all into convenience food for the billions. This propels Cockvane into becoming the biggest monopoly in history, more powerful than some of the Governments they supply. Many Leaders don't like this, but know that the alternative is worse -- hunger! We join the story at a point where the population is accustomed to only having one feasible choice in the shops Cockvane Fine Foods -- giving the company free reign to create ever more bizarre products with growing disregard for the rules... We hope to make more, so if you like what you see, please show support by subscribing!