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You may be a cunning linguist but I am a master debater.

I am what I eat, so I guess I'm like 55% taco bell, 30% skittles (taste the rainbow, or in this case 2.1 of the colors, according to my google calculator. I choose green and indigo with a touch of violet) (Which ironically only one of those colors actually exist in skittles)and 15% "healthy food". I live in a van down by a tributary. I hate ladybugs. I once got kicked in the face by a llama. I, of course, returned the favor, then got forcibly removed from the petting zoo. I say things that will undoubtedly turn situations awkward, just to revel in the uncomfortable silence. I was told I was sarcastic once, to which I scoffed, "Really, hm?!". I am severely irritated by ignorance and will one day exact my revenge on time wasted by fools. Don't know how yet, but just you wait. You know who you are. I started studying psychology, but found it's more amusing to let crazy people remain crazy, and instead of treating them, train them to release the crazy on innocent bystanders. I can't wait til I'm in a nursing home so I can perform tom-foolery (in my case, tami-foolery) and blame my age.

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