Clandestine Candidate Clandestine Candidate

Clandestine Candidate

Clandestine Candidate is the worlds first political reality TV game show that will choose the next President of the United States not by listening to contestants promise what they will do once we put them in office but by doing it on the show to prove to us which one of them would be best to have the power of government behind his or her efforts. Its a win-win contest where the losers are still winners because they get worldwide attention to their issues while engaging change on the show where a trip to the White House might be unnecessary by the time they are finished their work. And if Our Clandestine Candidate does not win the national election, we will follow him or her through their term until someone unseats them. Whoever is the elected star of Clandestine Candidate at any time will have a voice perhaps louder than the President who can offer up leadership on issues that Washington is neglecting or heading in the wrong direction with. The show is intended to make profits and raise funding to support projects hitting the ground running trying to solve problems at the time solutions are needed rather than throwing away billions of dollars promoting what politicians say they will do if we give them a government and our tax money to accomplish what they want. is founded on the principle that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are designed to allow us to be able solve problems without government which is unique to the family of world nations, something we have forgotten as a society. Clandestine Candidate is designed to entertain where contestants will come from all walks of life as well as professional politicians where age, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual preference, or criminal background will not be obstacles to an individual throwing their hat in the political arena to become President of the United States. Over 50 percent of Americans eligible to vote don't exercise that right while many who do are still in the dark about many of the complex issues that our future as a free people faces. Clandestine Candidate will bring them into this new millennium, bring us all into the future together where voices without power who have answers we need to pay attention to can be heard and their ideas exercised rather than a handful of arrogant pompous power brokers in Washington and Wall Street looking down their noses at the rest of us as they make our elected officials dance like puppets for their money. Clandestine Candidate is the equalizing balancing force between those who produce wealth engaging our economy by working and the people who control what we create who lack the innovative creative spirit that it takes to lead a modern world. Clandestine Candidate separates truth from lies so we make informed choices about who controls our society. Most of the barriers to our making the most efficient use of our freedom is a lack of information. Intelligence in our hands produces change on its own because corruption is like a magic trick under our form of democracy, once we know how it’s done, the magician knows there’s no point trying to fool us with it. Play Clandestine Candidate, freedoms premier intelligence gaming network