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Kamal Imani

Yo, I Made a Movie!

Kamal Imani is a television host for the NeetUSA, Bless the Mic and Connection shows which appear on TimeWarner and Cablevision in northern NJ and is syndicated in the NYC metropolitan area and other cities as well as online. He is also an internationally known spoken word performance poet. Kamal is a youth mentor and teacher as well as consultant for independent artist in the music industry. He is co-owner of Bless the Mic Magazine online and media LLC. He is also destined to become a minister. Kamal has authored a book for the youth. "You Got Next Real Talk for the Hip Hop Generation (Blurb.com) and a movie "Up in the Attic"(filmbaby.com) which is a coming of age story. Much of his music can be found on Cdbaby.com and Bandcamp.com