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Matthew W. Davis, M.F.A. - Founder and Inventor. Growing up in a small town, Davis was a familiar fixture at the local theater along with his operatic and spritely mother. After unintentionally crying on-stage while wearing an ill-fitting Mock-Turtle outfit, 8-year-old Davis decided that he was better suited behind-the-scenes. He stubbornly participated as an actor/singer in another 40 plays and musicals – surviving with only one more real panic attack on-stage while playing Maxwell Smart in "Get Smart", where he spontaneously invented pages of soliloquy much to the stunned displeasure of his co-stars. Davis adds to the list of accomplishments 2nd chair Cello and 10th chair Violin in the AZ Youth Orchestra, 6th all-around Gymnast of AZ, a broken thumb, The Golden Key Art Award with the winning entry hanging in the Governor’s Office, restoring a 1965 Mustang Convertible, National Choral Award for Prescott Arizona, Founding member of the Flip-Side Crew Break-Dancers, an Associates Degree in Music, Composer of the KUSK jingle, Masters Degree in Cinematography, and most importantly was charged with safeguarding the secret formula for the Wrap-Off “secret sauce.” In 1993, Davis extricated himself from an unruly female entanglement, was accepted to the American Film Institute and spent a sleepless summer completing the last 27 units of his unfulfilled Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Fortune had been kind to Davis, who on February 11th, 1995 met the love of his life and the intrepid mother of his two exuberant boys – who at the time of this writing have not yet maimed each other. Davis works primarily as a Cinematographer for TV, Film, Shorts, Commercials, Promos, Documentary, Reality, Music Videos and the like. He earned a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the American Film Institute, and has worked in various capacities on over 40 films. His feature film credits include Casting Assistant, Production Assistant, Art Director, Propmaster, Assistant Propmaster, On-Set Scenic Painter, On-Set Dresser, Boom Operator, Sound Mixer, Gaffer, Electric, Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Editor, Second Unit Director and Director of Photography – which clearly demonstrates either a lack of focus or a dogged approach to filmmaking. If one were curious, a partial list of Davis’ credits reside at under the name Matthew W. Davis – which is the moniker Davis frequently uses, as it is his name.