cibialterati cibialterati


Cibi Alterati is "the 1st cooking vdeoblog from Berlin" Spokane says about us: "At first glance, this cult cooking video blog from Berlin looks like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch. "Cibi Alterati," which translates to "Altered Food," directed and cutted by the italian multimedia producer Federico Falchi, features a madcap cast of cooks inside a tiner-than-tiny kitchen. Always present is head chef Erik Stripparo and Mr. X, his Spider-Man-mask-wearing sous chef. Each webisode focuses on one dish and begins with the "Cibi Alterati" theme song while the camera slowly pans down on the cooks. The hosts' cooking antics are supplemented with original electronic music and kinetic camera movements in the subversive videos, which can be found on YouTube, MySpace and Google Video." We have fun and it's funny, and that s the most important thing to us, next to the fact that we have just won the Italian videoblog award as best videoblog... and that rocks!! enjoy, it's buonissimo!!!