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I am a free spirit which I am at odds with my 5'3" 558lb body. My fear of chaffing is only rivaled by my fear of being trapped in a restroom stall at the local Waffle House. So I live in the shadows and by shadows I mean my uncle Clem's basement. It is comfortable and clean minus the occasional carbuncle draining. My only pleasure in my life is Funny or Die. The first time I saw Bat Fight, my laughing, wheezing and choking undullated my body to such a frenzy that a comic book was dislodged from under my right tit. Had the Spiderman number 1 not been subjected to months of moist yeasty conditions; it may have fetched a fine price. As it is now it still fun to watch someone take the dare to smell pages especially the page with the advertisement selling the sea monkeys. Makes 'em puke every time! God Bless you Bat Fights.