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It's all fun & games til somebody loses an eye!

Christy Eidson is one of LA's hottest up-and-coming comedians. She doesn't just do standup, she puts on a SHOW! Christy is a one woman comedic powerhouse. She has been compared to such comics as Roseanne and Jack Black. Christy Eidson is AbFab meets Hee Haw. Southern fried humor, with a pinch of sass and a hilarious dose of attitude all work together to describe the comic entity known as Christy Eidson. Christy is different from most of today’s comedians in that her jokes turn into visual stories from her southern point-of-view. She is a strong female comedian, in much the same vain as Lucy, Carol, and Gilda. Some describe her as “Roseanne Barr meets Absolutely Fabulous, with a little dash of Hee-Haw for kick”.