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I desperately need a million dollars.

You are reading this right now, not me. I am somewhere else. Your favorite food is pizza. Not like Pizza Hut, more sophisticated. You love reading paper back books because you can't afford a Kindle but also don't want to pay hard cover prices. You want to start eating organic, but don't have an affordable option within a reasonable driving distance. You're satirical, but don't totally agree with Bill Maher. Maybe John Stewart, definately John, but not Bill. Bill just seems to into himself. Like he's above you. John just seems more approachable. Like, you could hang out and have a beer. Bill would make you smoke pot or call you a right wing fascist if you said you didn't smoke pot. Who needs all that judgement, right? I mean, you have anough stress without Bill Maher calling you a fascist because you don't smoke pot! Aaaaany ways pothead, just stick with John. Easy going everyman John. Safe bet John. Johnie on the spot. Talk to you later.