Christopher A. Lowe Christopher A. Lowe

Christopher A. Lowe

The Alpha of Awesome

Hello World, You have now entered a labrinth of comedy! A vortex of Awesomeness! A bear cave with no bears! Just an eerie sense that something vicious is going to take place the moment you finish reading this bio. I go by many names, some call me the Alpha of Awesome, the OJ of comedy, the king of sting! 45 percent Murtaugh and 55 percent Riggs! 92 percent of the time i'm awesome everytime! You can find me here everyday when i'm not attending to my other obligations which include maxin and relaxin with my hands on Janet Jackson while chillin like a villain on penicillin. Quite often i'm busy being cool like a fool in a swimming pool because i'm down like a clown Charlie Brown! And we all know when it comes to this comedy aint no thing but a chicken wing on a string a burger king holding my thing trying to sing! Enjoy the skits!