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... twat

Describe Myself... HMMMMM well my personality.... Im an over Achieving methodical, optimist ... a magnet for a textbook narcissit due to my ridiculous level of patience. I may be a tranny on the inside ( the really hot ones the nobody can tell)I am a Socialite ( in my own world)extremely extraverted,border line savant living with an unhealthy obssession with peanut butter and my hair. I have been exactly the same for 28 years of my life. My personality will never waiver or change with fads. I hate hate hate women who look like they are "trying" way to hard... Those girls you see at the club doing a "sexy" dance to some terrible Brittney Spears song... the ones dancing real close to there girls friends to get attention...You all know who you are... and while you beg and plead to be noticed.. Im the girl with the wife beater and vicious genetics in the corner .. the hot bf in tow... Im the one with the double B.A in Political Science and Comparative Literature who has dinners with leaders of industry.. becasue I never ever used a psuedo sense of sexuality... I allowed my accomplishments to shine and my looks and sexuality be the bonus... ) I have the perfect boyfriend. He is my best friend and by myside everyday. He is that person that shit on everyone else. 3 months in he was tatooing my initials on his wrist.... I am that cool I am a mommy on the inside too... P.s I am funny as hell... If you like sarcastic humor. I am a clutz. I cannot sing for shit but I can dance like a mofo and in my past life traveled to perform with circ and honey gun labs at the tender age of 18 ( 10 tears later and I still rip it on the dance floor at after hours in NYC) ... but alas... that was cute.. but academics were in my future.. last but not least I may or may not have a.d.d..... perhaps that is why what should have been a brief description turned into some freaky rant....