Chloe and Becky Zak Chloe and Becky Zak

Chloe and Becky Zak

Let's see if we can make any of you folks chuckle

Two Brits. One comedy channel. Sketches and what we have decided to coin "video podcasts" because we're not sure what the hell else to call them. We're sisters who grew up in Britain putting on weird shows for our poor mother. Once we realized there were careers in this field we got film degrees and then buggered off Stateside. Many years later we're making internet vids for a living- Chloe at BuzzFeed and Becky at Circa Laughs- and recently decided to get back to producing videos together as well, cuz we love each other (most of the time). Follow our videos and adventures on our YouTube channel "Chloe and Becky Zak" or on here...we promise to "try to" entertain you. Love and Britishness, Chloe and Becky xoxo