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keep those blur(bs) coming

Hi everyone, I am Chickie's baby and I came on here to have fun and to see if I have any talent for comedy writing. It has always been a dream of mine to write and to make people laugh and that is why I am here. In real life I'm a funeral director, so, as you can imagine I don't get that many opportunities to laugh on my job, and when I do laugh on my job it it always embarrassing and awkward and I always have to explain myself and apologize. "No Mister Smith it is not funny that your poor grandmother fell to her death while trying to clean the snow off her satellite dish." "Of course I feel your pain Mrs. Jones, I would never laugh because your husband's mother was trying to climb into the coffin with her son and knocked the the whole thing to the ground while you shouted something about her being the reason for his death!" Do tell Mr. Willoughby, death just ain't funny, but I'm hilarious and I intend to prove it right here on funny or die- hey, I just realized this site is called funny or die and I'm a funny funeral director! It must be kizmet!