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is not a real chef

Photographer, director, audio production, music production and scoring, mostly adult entertainment projects (gotta pay the bills). My retail music samples and my commercial music available for sale royalty-free at My current porn project is, a docu-reality adult site which is the true account of my current life. I was recently fired from my city tennis job, someone sent an anonymous letter telling my boss, a Wimbledon Champ, that I used to work as an adult web site designer. (I sold my web business back in December of 2006 to get back into tennis). The story about my termination was in the news and stuff. So I said to hell with it, I'm going to "go all the way" with my next adult project, giving it my total commitment creativly and as a single man with no moral objection to it, I bang porn stars on the weekend and photograph film it for the site, and that's where I'm at right now. I'm also working on a script for a one-man-act, multi-media stage play about the story of my wrongful termination due to my porn past. It raises alot of good issues. I plan to finance it myself with the money I make from my current adult entertainment businesses. All music in my videos are original music productions with my guitar playing buddy Randy M. He is absolutely incredible, I know that you'll enjoy his guitar talents. We also sell our music royalty-free if you need any for your videos - My weakest skill is editing.