Chad Meisenheimer

Chad Meisenheimer Chad Meisenheimer

Sacramento-based Actor / Comedian / Filmmaker. He's eccentric, eclectic, pervasive and downright politically incorrect. Whether making you laugh or pissing you off with his run and gun offbeat sense of humor. He's sure to obtain a reaction of some kind. He's the "lovable asshole" everyone grows to love. He has performed at the Sacramento Punchline, Sacramento Comedy Spot, Dublin Sports Bar and Grill, Doc Holliday's Saloon, T2, On The Y and many other venues. Also theatrically trained and with a degree in Film / Television Production. He has directed over a dozen short films that has screened at film festivals regionally. Press Werewolf Radio (5/25/2013) http// Sacramento Bee (6/29/2012) http// "The Junior and Leo Show" - Podcast (7-31-2012) http// "The Junior and Leo Show" - Podcast (8-3-2012) http//