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Our story begins way back in May of 1991 when my spouse at the time decided that living somewhere else was a good idea. We had a 4 year old son at the time so when Christmas came around that year he demanded that we put up a Christmas tree. While decorating the tree, I came across the infamous "Our First Christmas Together 1985" ornament...I immediately took it out back and shot it! Then the thought came to me that someone should make and market ornaments that say "Our Last Christmas Together" and put the prior year on it, that way everyone could celebrate their freedom or get one last dig in with their ex. Fast forward to 2004 where in passing conversation with some friends my idea came up again and one of them called a few weeks later and said "Let's do it!" Well it took a few years to get around to it but here we are, founded in 2010 and giving the world a brief chance to smile in spite of a tough situation, laugh when they should be crying or just to try and piss off that prior partner one more time. Whether you have just broken up, separated or divorced.....remember Breakup Ornaments....they're not just for Christmas anymore!