Shooting footage for a new show tomorrow, excited to put it together!

CFMM (POWERWORD: J. Andre Bardin) is an American stand-up comedian and writer who specializes in Internet & pop culture and kitsch humor. Presently he performs live at anime and furry conventions and maintains a portfolio at In 2011 he wrote and published the book "Nintendon't: 25 of the Worst Video Games Ever". His work is heavily influenced by awkward and negative personal experiences that fuel his largely self-depreciating humor. CFMM frequently draws humor from experiences and observations from the Internet's "furry fandom" and connects it to his ambiguous stage presence and personal affiliations. CFMM is aloof about the origins of his stage name but cites inspiration from a video he refers to as "God and The Bear" as the source of it and invites fans and viewers to search for the meaning of his name online.