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CelinelxlCeeCee CelinelxlCeeCee

Name: Celine 'Elise' Callens Age 16 (27 March 1992) Brothers/Sisters 1 brother; Thibault (13) Place I call 'Home' Somewhere in Belgium Nicknames CeeCee, Celz (Danz!p), C-tje,... Extra? Parents are divorced, live with my mom Want to know more? what are you waiting for?! Scroll down!! ^^ Im nothing special... One of my dreams is to go to America. Hyperness! Still searching for Prince Charming. Things I love <3 -Bebo -Candy -Music -Teddybears -Friends -aim -... Things I hate </3 -Fake friends -Bad Weather -School -insects -... Want to know more? Ask!! ^^